Mar 2, 2015

Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity Game (FINAL) 464.17 MB

Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity Game (FINAL) 464.17 MB. Protect famous philanthropist, Professor Kevin Reynolds from the mysterious enemies in Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity PC Game!

After the events in the Holy Mountain Hotel you may remember from the previous episode of Haunted Hotel series, you were sitting in the cafe, having your supper. But when you received job offer from Kevin Reynolds with salary of $ 100,000, you stopped to eat and started to work! Professor Reynolds is a little paranoid about his mysterious enemies, so your work will start from securing area of his annual public speech. But when sniper started to fire at Reynolds, you understood that his worries weren’t just paranoia. Many dangers waiting for you in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure – bullets of the shooter, being electrocuted, explosions and many more! Would you be able to save Reynolds and find out, why he’s pursued and who are his enemies? Moreover, how Reynolds is connected with the Holy Mountain Hotel?

Download Haunted Hotel Chapter Eight: Eternity and get answers on your questions, trying to survive and save your client!
  • Tons of achievements!
  • An available Strategy Guide
  • Visit Holy Mountain Hotel in the bonus game!
  • Concept art and wallpapers


Glistening Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity PC game dedicated to the atmospheric adventures in entrancing macrocosm, so similar to ours. First of all we'd like to introduce the configuration of this super-duper PC game called Haunted Hotel 8 to you.


In this fairy PC game Haunted Hotel - Eternity you will found marvelous stirring chime, shiny high-resolution video sequence, and heavenly plot with sumptuous and a fat lot unexpected storyline twists, so play it and kvell! Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity is sunny PC game, which will impress all devotees of popular Hidden Object Adventure Puzzle genre.

Controls of Eternity game are very easy to use. Hopefully this short review of Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity will help you to understand do you want to download it or not.

Title Post: Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity Game (FINAL) 464.17 MB
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