Apr 17, 2015

New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage Game (FINAL) 318.22 MB

New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage Game (FINAL) 318.22 MB. Investigate row of strange crimes in New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage PC Game from Five-BN Games, when something electrical burning victims to the man-shaped ashes in seconds!

Laura received new assignment of the secret society to investigate murder case No. 1592 which police is unable to solve. Looks like victims in entire row of murders were struck by a ball of lightning. Examining body (or we rather say ashes) of first victim, Henry Tyler, Laura found out that he received a warning from the former colleague Frederic Davis. Frederic said about other victims with similar circumstances and supposed that he can be next. Laura rushed to his house, but Frederic was murdered by the strange concentrated ball of energy which seemingly moving through the vires. Both Frederic Davis and Henry Tyler were just last victims in this row of otherworldy murders, and all victims once worked or visited Sing Sing prison. Looks like all of them were presented at the execution incident, when committed murderer was vaporized completely right on electric chair. Looks like he survived somehow and turned into high voltage monster! Meet Dr. Bishop, head of your secret society in your headquarters, hidden beneath the souvenir shop, travel through the underground tunnels in New York to follow trails of the odd criminal and find a way to stop him!

Download second episode of New York Mysteries game series and help Laura to survive the high voltage in this dangerous Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Reach all achievements, such as Lightning, Clever, Master of Details, Sniper, Persistent and more!
  • Play the bonus adventure!
  • Gather all 35 collectible objects, including 11 Statues of Liberty and 9 Maneki Neko!
  • Get the Strategy Guide!


Dive into electric milieu of bewitching New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage Hidden Object game for PC! From time to time in New York Mysteries 2 you'll come across a mini-game to play.


Mini-games in New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage game are all very different and unreal no matter they are typical or more galvanic. Both occupational players and Johnny Raws will appreciate pleasing music tracks and lovely convenient game interaction of New York Mysteries - High Voltage.

Even lovable depictions, pleasant sound effects and toilless setup in astounding High Voltage game will be sudden but nice surprise for all neophytes of timeless Hidden Object, Puzzle genre. New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage holds plenty of admirable turns of the screenplay so you get to travel to different places in the game dimension.

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