Jan 30, 2014

A Princess' Tale (FINAL) 96.21 MB

A Princess' Tale (FINAL) 96.21 MB. An ancient evil threatens to walk the land again, and only someone of royal blood can stop it from waking up. But the only royal available is a girl affectionately nicknamed Princess Ooh-Look-a-Kitty, for... fairly obvious reasons. Teamed with a flustered bodyguard, a dismissive soldier of fortune, and a love-struck nomad, Princess Calliope has to navigate a world she barely understands to save the world. And if she's not careful, she might just grow up a little.
  • Hidden Bosses and veiled Items!
  • Beautifully composed soundtrack!
  • Compelling yet humorous storyline!



Title Post: A Princess' Tale (FINAL) 96.21 MBA Princess' Tale (FINAL) 96.21 MB
Rating: 92% based on 55, ratings 4.6 user reviews.
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