Jul 2, 2013

Web of Deceit 2: Morgana's Legacy (FINAL) 408.94 MB

Web of Deceit 2: Morgana's Legacy (FINAL) 408.94 MB. Travel to the city of Transvaal, looking for your uncle Sam, that is in trouble in Web of Deceit 2: Morgana's Legacy game for PC! Your uncle wrote to you begging for help, so you hopped in your plane and hit the sky. But as you approached the city of Transvaal, a sandstorm appeared out of nowhere, so the plane crashed! Explore town of Transvaal, uncover mystery of multiple murders, committed using rare spider poison! Stop the black widow, able to use magic and spiders to poison or kill her victims, changing their appearances as clothes. Investigate these events, definitely connected with Andwille case and find your uncle in this breathtaking hidden object puzzle adventure!
Visit every location.
Defeat the spiders.
Complete one\three\five\ten hidden-object puzzles without a hint.
Complete one\three\five\ten mini-games without skipping.
Repair the train.
Find all of the posters.
Find your uncle.
Cure your uncle.
Welcome to Transvaal!
Use hint 20 times.
Uncover Emma's secret.


Title Post: Web of Deceit 2: Morgana's Legacy (FINAL) 408.94 MB
Rating: 97% based on 1994, ratings 4.85 user reviews.
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