Oct 3, 2011

Snackjack - Full PC/Mac Game

Snackjack Image
Master the game of Snackjack and help keep your prize pig fed before he decides to run away for good! Each black jack hand will help your pig grow and win even more awards! Earn bonus points for straights and 5-card charlies as you progress through as many vendor stands as you can. Raise a champion swine, then build a home for your best pigs at Sleepy Wallow farm in Snackjack!
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System requirements:
Hard Drive: 42 MB
Mac OS: 10.4
RAM: 256 MB
Snackjack Image 1

This fancy Mac game, intended for the whole family (including small children), Snackjack, has been created using polished traditions of this forever popular Card & Board genre. So everyone, even Card & Board enthusiasts will be pleased in Snackjack. So will nobody be disappointed with pretty portraiture here. They are all beautifully drawn with various fairy details. Snackjack game is like a pool of unique water. You can jump right into Snackjack and spend a few hours there forgeting about the real macrocosm. Snackjack has fancy unique narration and tuneful air - so polished Mac game Snackjack has all of this!

  1. Gripping gameplay
  2. Master Snackjack!
  3. Fantastic bonuses
Snackjack Image 3