Jul 18, 2011

RoboRoll - Game Download

RoboRoll - Game Download
Go to download page: RoboRoll - Game Download

Help a robot get home in this perplexing Puzzle game! Use your wits and logic to make it to lead the robot to the exit! Overcome obstacles and avoid the terrifying enemies to make it to the teleporter! Learn neat tricks to survive and dive into RoboRoll! Can you make it to the end and save your yellow robot friend?

- Tricky levels

- Challenging puzzles

- Help a robot get home!

System requirements:

OS: 10.5


RAM: 1024 MB

Hard Drive: 44 Mb

RoboRoll - Game Download Screen 1

RoboRoll - Game Download Screen 2

RoboRoll - Game Download Screen 3

All buffs of explosive Brain Teaser Mac game genre will love this stunningly mesmerizing RoboRoll game. A large percentage of RoboRoll locations feature typical Brain Teaser mechanics. But in RoboRoll the Brain Teaser mechanics is especially tricky and jovial. Backgrounds of RoboRoll locations is no longer steady pictures, but consists of animated elements! RoboRoll easy process of playing, spirituel sounds and nice portraiture will be particularly appreciated by catechumens and skillful players.

Go to download page: RoboRoll - Game Download

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